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Planets and Animals

by Bob Drake

The reason why some places produce stones and others do not greatly interested Albertus Magnus and so he wrote a book, “The Book of Minerals”, from which I shall now quote: Let us now consider the places stones are always or frequently produced take into account that many stones are found upon the banks of perennial streams from this we know that these particular spots are in possession of a special stone-producing property. We must investigate the power of places, some bring forth stones swiftly, others slow. On the banks of the Oxis this requires thirty-three years. So once again let’s consider the places rocks are always or frequently produced and how the power of the place acts upon matter there.
Pangea 01:44
Laurentia and Gondwana began to fuse at the start of the Permain age 290 million years ago resulting in Pangea. Now this stupendous landmass was absurdly huge and generally warm and dry terrestrial lifeforms found it perfect for expansion and evolution until the mass extinctions which mark the boundary of the Permian and Triassic. 70 percent of species disappeared (quite abruptly) Between the Permian and the Triassic. Then came the dinosaurs and early mammals.
Dogstar 01:04
First the paw reaches over (Mirzam) then the nose which is older (Theta) and its chest is a bright blue star. Sirius flying high brightest star in our nighttime sky. No ordinary dog, it’s double one big and blue the other small and white the name means “to scorch or shine” and they decidedly do.
Let others tell of showers I only count your sunny hours SOL MINISTRAT UMBRAM Observe how the time hurries past and use every hour within your power. Festinat suprema Today is yesterday's tomorrow SOL MINISTRAT UMBRAM And if without sunlight you come with no reply shall you go away. The shadow of my gnomon marks the movement of the world. SOL MINISTRAT UMBRAM Elusive shadow so fast unstoppable yet too slow for those who wait but too fast for those who fear too long for those stricken with grief too short for those who wish to rejoice. Cum tempus non existet tunc morior.
Haloes may be divided into subjective and objective the latter distinguished from the former by the circumstance of their vanishing when the source of light that produces them on the retina is covered or removed though this effect is not at an end here not confined to the impression of the image That a nimbus of this kind is produced round the luminous image in the eye may best be observed in a darkened room if we look towards a moderately large opening in a window shutter if we do this the image is surrounded by a circular misty light. Subjective haloes may be considered the result of a conflict between light and a living surface. Many cases seem to indicate a circular action in the retina whether owing to the round form of the eye itself and its different parts or perhaps to some other cause.
Redshift 02:47
In the beginning a seed one thousand billion times smaller than a proton began to expand very smoothly though faster than its escape velocity even faster than the speed of light. For one tenth of a second the temperature was so high there were no atoms just a plasma of electrons and nuclei there was no difference between matter and radiation for the next half a million years until they decoupled And the light streamed out and spread through the darkness broke out from the cooling mass of plasma stars began to form. And just before expansion began a quantum fluctuation imprinted a pattern on the structure of the resulting expanding space. You and I, every atom of every star, every thing, are all a part of that pattern. And so as space continues expanding faster and faster do not forget you’re a part of it. Yeah the Universe is flat and expanding faster than its escape velocity yeah it’s space itself what’s expanding faster all the time you and I and every atom inside every star are part of the pattern printed by a quantum fluctuation on that tiny seed just before it started to spread out 14 billion years ago.
Next time you're on a train keep an eye out for crocodiles sleeping between the rails like an enormous log with lots of pointy teeth. 'Cause when there's a train approaching they got a job to do signal the station master telling them that the train is drawing near so there won't be an accident. They may be frightnin' but they don't be bitin' anyone. So next time you ride a train keep an eye out for crocodiles loitering on the tracks 'cause they got a very special job to do so there won't be an accident. and they can't help it if they look like saurians sleeping on the line it's alright they don't bite it's alright and they're made of steel.
Mystery Wolf 01:47
Shaggy mystic and grey in the fog, sun, or rain Mycroft the Wolf in a trench coat and shades affecting a fedora or deerstalker hat despite his wolfish pelt not necessitating that. Sporting dark shades whether it's night or day jotting observations in a pocket cahier if spoken to he'll bark some ambiguous remark Why do he linger long after dark in a closed park or a churchyard he'll only bark aphorisms of vaguely cabalistic intrigue. Poking around the gardens of haunted houses only arouses suggestions of abtruse intrigue. Ears like radar flicking this way and that protruding from strategically placed slits in his hat Mycroft the Wolf in a trench coat and shades Shaggy mystic and grey in the fog, sun, or rain.
The sea is all wet and it's very big and so deep and uncanny. a vessel may find itself discommoded or be lost with no hope. That's when someplace secret in the ocean Snaggy gets the desperate message dashing into action with a baggy of contraptions. Displaying no lack of alacrity as he flies to their aid. Righting a ship that's tipped, another one frozen in ice chipped out and thawed. Repairing a pontoon punctured by spiny urchins. Not doing it for the fame or the glory certainly not for the good of his health or fitness. Fangy black and green and some say kind of stupid but none would contest his knowledge and experience in the realm of nautical emancipations. "Yes captain I can see the bloody maelstrom thank you very much, what I don't see is the bloody Rescue Serpent!" I'M COMIN'!!!!!! Fangy long and black and green and some say kind of stupid dashing into action with a baggy of contraptions, Rescue Serpent!
Hundreds of light-years in circumference vast clouds containing building-blocks of life where new planets and stars eventuate and the ancient ones are evolving still. There must be a lot. Planets are not so rare is it was once imagined, they're very common. And the whole Universe is saturated with the stuff needed for organic life. Giant clouds of these molecules are commonplace throughout space. These clouds are all blasted continuously by the emanations of stars, cooking up all sorts of interesting chemical reactions some of which may lead to materials which begin to behave like life. In gigantic clouds where stars and planets are formed and primordial ice frozen into comets and asteroids which may fall upon the surfaces of any nearby planet and start to react with what's already there and if conditions are right may spawn some kind of life.
Haematopus ostralegos Sterna albifrons Lanius collurio Fringilla Platalea leucorodia Vombatidae Asio flammeus Nycticorax nycticorax Grus Crex crex Glareola pratincola Cetacea Locustella luscinoides Picus viridis Hilonachus pugnax Bucephala icelandica Lanius senator Lanius excubitor Recuvirostra avosetta Saxicola rubetra Pterocles alchata Upupa epops Anomalocaris Arundinaceus Tachybaptus ruficolis Charadrius hiaticula
Though probably Roman, the Table of Isis is made in the ancient Egyptian style. Strictly decorative, or key to a mystery? Depicted are fourty-five figures divided into fifteen triads: Mendesian, Ammonian, Momphtean, Omphtaean, Isiac, Hecatine, Ibimorphous, Ophionic, Nepthaean, Serapaean, Osirian (not shown), Horaean, Pandochean, Thaustic, Aeleuristic, and other figures which might represent plants or animals. Strictly decorative or key to a mystery?
Me and Apocalypse Fox In that infamous year 2020, deadly phosphine gas was detected in the already poisonous atmosphere of the planet Venus, on whose hellish surface no known life form could survive. Who could possibly be stu...brave enough to go there to investigate? Apocalypse Fox landed the dilapidated ship (crashed it is more like it) in the backyard, shambled in and flopped upon the couch where I helped unzip his spacesuit oh so slowly (didn't wanna catch any fur in the zip) Upon conclusion we returned to the ship and blasted off to investigate the phosphine gas in Venus' atmosphere. The voyage was long, but soon they felt the ship caught in the inexorable pull of the planet named for the goddess of love. "It's takin' a while isn't it." "Yeah, it's kindof a long way to Venus." "We're speedin' up a bit..." "Yeah that's normal, as we get nearer the planet." "I dunno...I think we're goin' a little fast." "Aw it's alright, calm down! Have a beer..." "Um..I'm not so sure about this." "Look, trust me! I'm a fox! OK lemme check the manual. Uh yeah: 'Prepare landing procedures". "WHAT? I can't hear ya!" "No...make it..CRASHING PROCEDURES!" (Two Earth years later:) Yeah Irm sure we can fix it if we can just find the pliers...i'm sure I saw 'em somewhere here under all this rubbish" "Yeah that was like two months ago" "Yeah I know, but..;OW"
In our little galaxy there are an estimated three hundred billion stars. It’s also believed that every one of them has at least one or more planets 'round it. Our little galaxy may have 100 thousand million so-called exoplanets. Multiply by the estimated number of galaxies which is about two trillion, that’s a whole lotta planets. These are given quite pragmatic names like 55CNCD, C.O.R.O.T. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etcetera. Our little species, man it’s in a sorry state right now, but we can make it into a better world through knowledge and love.


released December 6, 2020

Written, performed and recorded by BD, at La Borde Basse, Caudeval France, between January - October 2020.
Complaining passenger on track 9: Chris (Lord "George" Roughshod) Cutler.
All artwork by Joe Mruk: redbuffalo.org


all rights reserved



Bob Drake Caudeval, France

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