Black Sulphur Spring

by Bob Drake

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Four songs featuring only guitar and voice, written and recorded late July-early August 2016. The wavs are 24 bit for those of you who want best quality.


released August 7, 2016

Written, performed and recorded by Bob Drake.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Beyond the Marsh
You know how whenever you’re tramping around in a marsh, it seems you always stumble across a cryptic manuscript, written on unknown paper. Oh look, here is one! I found it myself. I'll read it to you...

It sure did cause a big commotion
when they found them funny pawprints down by the marsh.
Then there came then scientist folks
with all of their fancy book learnin’ and
chemicals and measuring machines,
they never found a thing and packed up.
I smiled and waved as they left
and I never said nothin’, but I coulda told them
everything about them funny pawprints.

I like to come out here at night
and think about what’s goin’ on beyond the marsh
and know that one day I will join them
maybe it will even be tonight!

And that’s it, it comes to an abrupt ending right there with the letters
a, r, r ,r g, dot, dot, dot, and a sort of...burned mark.
Track Name: The Parting Gift
When you finally said you would be going
back to your place beyond the sky
you promised to leave us something
to remember you by.
We were afraid you would
and that’s no lie.

We vainly hoped it would be somehow innocuous,
an alien plant or statuette,
something we could make excuses for
when the neighbours began to ferret.
But no - you left a monstrous robot
with diabolical intent:
the disintegration of space and time on Earth,
beginning here,
in my basement...

Its influence is propagating
the way you knew it would.
Observe the increase of mutations
all around the neighbourhood.
Track Name: You Got Lots of Spots
Oh you got lots of spots
and they’re every colour I’ve ever seen
and some that I hadn’t.
Shining on your polychromatically rainbow fluorescent fur
off both ends of the spectrum.

You got a lot of spots
spots nothing else has got
you got a lot of spots!

Pointillistic paintings got dots
but your spots... oh they’re really the best
and until I got you I’ll never rest
I love you and your spots!
Track Name: Black Sulphur Spring
In a dry and stony gulch adjacent to the abandoned track
there bubbles a black sulphurous spring
no living thing partakes of it or even comes too near
and on its surface is a film of red froth.

The situation round the spring, while certainly unique,
has led to some wild speculation.
The mineral deposits building up around the edge
take on frequently remarkable shapes
suggesting intervention by unknown intelligence
in the very stones, or from underground, or from beyond,
but you and I know that’s just superstition
there’s a rational explanation for it all.

Oh I wish someone would explain it
right now...please, can someone...hey who are you, where’d you come from?

Thanks, you may go now, but that didn’t really answer the question.
Oh wait a sec...oh..too late. mysteriously as he had come.
I shoulda gotten his address.
Do they have those in the beyond?