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13 Songs and a Thing

by Bob Drake

Chase 02:02
Foam II 01:24
The stairway that promised me everything in heaven, well so far nobody built it. To tell you the truth I imagine it being of a certain model, which nobody thought of till now. A stairway made of foam, beer in the elevator. Let the architect come to me. Meanwhile I’ll wait for you in the well of oil. Be it quick please.
Rtuuf 05:50
Tenes razon es mi turno de agarrar el telefono de la casa. Pero tengo dos condiciones que te pregunto ahora. Nunca mas me cortes el cable que siempre me haras reir.
First we see a doorway and then we see a stairway and then we see a hallway and then the room in which this story takes place. Ten for a dime. Here is a kitchen and here is a table and here is a mirror and here is a book and here are lots of other things. There goes a hammer, there goes an apple, there goes a square with shading on one side. Ten for a dime.
Well it would take some kind of fool to insist that this song is not the one you are listening to now. But this story is not really about this song at all, although I’ve mentioned it it’s true, till now. May I help you said dog. Yes, I’d like a book to read said pig. Go on said dog. So do you have a book for me? No but if you leave and come back tomorrow I will not see you until then. But I will have a book tomorrow, you will look back and understand why. And will you see being raccoon tonight? You will look back and understand why. And you will see being raccoon. Move the, move the, move the, move the move the, etc etc etc... MOVE THE KING!
Carbolic napthalene coaltar derivatives forgotten in cisterns of zinc have been known to sometimes (??????) which must not be allowed to menace our communities. And they all commenced a-quaking as with an ague.
We had to whitewash all the statues in some forgotten museum somewhere in Italy I think with special whitewash which would allow them to come to life and speak. I was afraid of the statues of saints. (yeah I was afraid) I didn’t want to hear them talking about their apocalyptic visions, morality, purity etc. I chose to whitewash only one statue which frankly quite aroused me, a truly monstrously lovely griffin. So I got to work painting him. (yeah I got to work) Slathering on the thick white paint. slathering on the thick white paint, everywhere...I mean everywhere. My friends distinctly alarmed not only by my choice of statue but also my somewhat now obvious desire, discreetly left the museum. Satisfied with this situation I finished painting the statue, stood back and waited.
Spicules 01:26
The lyrics, sung into the body of a violin which had a microphone taped to it plugged into a very distorted guitar amp, were improvised and now I can’t understand them either except I know the last word was “spicules”, hence the title.
Another crawled out of my smashed-up star unnamed reddish-black coyote pawquake light allow components crawl up spines not a bad day cells are in charge. The ruined plinth which sees from its niche how it’s crumbling, what does it want from us? Nothing. Not a bad day so far mostly it’s tomorrow, even got to drive off with something like the big earth thing. The plinth has crumbled, the car is broke, and now it’s time to say: Forget the plinth. Big earth thing.
Foam I 01:24
La escalera que me promete todo lo del cielo hasta ahora nadie la construyo. Es que yo me lo imagino de cierto modelo que hasta ahora nadie soño. Escalera de espuma cerveza en el ascensor que me traigan el arquitecto y pronto por favor. Mientras tanto lo espero en el pozo de petroleo.


My 6th solo album. Features some guests, see individual track or the pdf included in download info for full credits.


released November 28, 2019

Written and recorded by BD 2000-2002. Performed by BD except as noted:
Dick Verdult: lyrics and vocals on 2, 4, 14.
Fred Hess: saxophone on 4.
Doron Silashi: trumpets on 4.
Olivier Tejedor: Mellotron on 5.
Sharon Bradford: barrels, percussion, and noise box on 5.
Mark Bradford: organ on 5.
Anna Williams: piano on 13.
Geoffrey Landers: glasses, tapes and other noises on 13.
Some lyrics on 5 and 6 by Steve Courtright.
Track 1: music written by Dominic Frontiére.
Track 9: music written by Stevan Tickmayer.


all rights reserved



Bob Drake Caudeval, France

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